Tuesday, June 26, 2012

another great week

Just one more week passing by!  Can I just say something?  Ive never been more stood up in my entire life!  Being a missionary can be disappointing at times when people don't show up like they say they will.  But I get over it, I think I've become numb to people keeping their commitments.  Transfer calls were last night.  Sister Konou has been transferred to serve in Folsom and (of course) I'm staying in Stockton!  My new companion is from a very small island called Kiribati!!  (that's pronounced Kiribus, by the way.  dont ask me why...) 

Her name is Sister Teerime, and for once, she's not super short, shes just average height.  She's HILARIOUS and bold.  She is a wonderful missionary and I am so excited to have her as my other half in this work.  I lived with her for 2 transfers in Carmichael!
 The work is really picking up here and I'm more than happy to stay.  Just found out that Roseville has been opened up to the Carmichael ASL sisters, and there are Deaf people there that they are going to be able to teach!  Its exciting.  The took away the Carmichael 1st ward (the hearing one) and now those sisters only work in the Deaf branch.  It was really hard for Sister Sellers to do hearing work.  We woke up at 4:30am today to go to the temple.  I was able to go get some garments and go to the mission office and do errands.

Dan came to church last week!!  The sisters have been teaching him for 6 months and he finally came!!  (He couldn't before because of his parole officer) and he loved it!!  Don't worry, for some STRANGE reason unbenownst to me, they used tortillas instead of bread for the sacrament.  Good thing we had just explained that anything can be used for the sacrament, it didn't have to be bread and wine.  haha.  tortillas.  Dan is doing great, but he cant be baptized until he's done with parole, which is in November.  He's wonderful, though.  He has been through some enormous changes in his life with drugs and prison and crazy stuff.  The other day during our lesson, he was kind of rambling on about how much he liked us teaching him.  He was talking about our lessons and how the sisters have always shown him love and support through his hard times.  We never gave up on him.  He was kind of going around in circles, repeating himself when he had this light bulb go off in his eyes.  He paused, looked at us, and said "I just...I see Christ in you guys."  wow.  What a compliment.  I knew that people would recognize us as Christ's disciples, but Ive never been told it face to face before.  It was so overwhelming to hear. 

Later, we had an appointment with our favorite Lynda.  We taught her the plan of salvation and I was just in awe of the fact that she trusts everything we say.  Here we are, two girls in our 20's, teaching her stuff she's never heard before, and she just accepts it as truth.  She looked at us and said "I like having you two girls in my home.  You...you kind of glow."  ANOTHER WOW!!  I glow?  Cool!!  I think I am finally starting to understand what people mean by that Mormon Glow.  There is a very real darkness out there that can be felt and physically seen.  I know that the Savior supports us as we serve missions and that He is always on our side no matter who we talk to.  People notice it.  Dan and Lynda both did.  I know other people have, too.  I am making a difference.  I love being a missionary. 

I had a weird dream last week that I got to do an exchange with Ellen DeGeneres.  Super strange.  but she was really nice in my dream, and she even had a boyfriend!  I taught her some basic gospel principles so she could understand Mormons better and she gave me a free dress from India.  I love weird dreams. 

The preacher of the Deaf Jehovahs Witnesses does drugs.  I'm sad that he does drugs, but honestly, I'm happy that Dianne saw it and decided never to go again.  She's very angry that he's a "false preacher" who is stealing money from people.  I am glad she has found the truth and respects bishop completely as a man of God.  Which he totally is. 

We had a fireside that was specially for recent converts, less actives, and investigators.  The missionaries did all the music.  I was able to sing Cassidy Ellis's arrangement of "Be Still My Soul" and the spirit was really strong. I love being able to invite the spirit through music!!  We did some choir numbers, and we did our mens quartet again.  It was a really great fireside.  Zina came to the fireside and they wanted some recent converts to share their testimony, so because she's so AMAZING, they asked her.  However, when she walked into the chapel in jeans and a t-shirt, I was a bit confused.  Later found out that she thought a fireside was all of us standing by a fire.  hahaha.   My bad, I shoulda explained that a little better I guess.  No worries, though, she stood and boldly bore witness of our Savior to that audience and even sang an acapella song.  She's so great. 

Love ya!!
this is a pic of all the ASL sisters in the mission
Sister Wilson

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