Monday, June 11, 2012

summer days

I wrote an email, but I accidentally sent it (I think) and now its gone.  Here's to starting all over!!

Ankle is healed!  No biggie.  Got a new Chiro, he's great.  He's also working with my muscles doing therapy and breaking up scar tissue.

We'll see in a few weeks if its improving me or not.  He used this new technology that measures which vertibre are out of place.  In my back,

13 out of 24 are out.  Joy.  Then they did a muscle spasm test to see how stressed my muscles are.  They tested them one by one and as it turns out I am 98% spazmed.  So Brett was right all those years when he called me a spaz.  My muscles are cah-rAYzee tight and until we loosen 'em up, the bones wont stay in place.  Yay for missionaries being treated for free by members!  One more blessing.  This chiropractor serves as a high councelman so I trust he's a pretty good guy.  We had Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday and I was able to interpret for another 4 hours or so.  Hope I'm getting better...President Lewis came down for a the stake conference in our area and he asked if he could take me and Sister Konou out to lunch!

We picked Olive Garden, and that was fun.  So we ate lunch with the mission president, that was kinda fun.  Its hard to get a lot of time with him because hes so busy and has 200 of us to watch over.  I am thankful for President and his sacrifice.  He is truly an inspired man of God.

Deaf pizza night was meh.  Deaf COFFEE night, however, was great.  No, I didnt buy any.  But we chatted with various deaf and non deaf people.  I asked the Jehovahs Witnesses all about what they offer and they told me about their services for the Deaf.   Dang.  They have like 30 Deaf people going weekly.  I kind of wish our church would offer better services for Deaf people.  They have all KINDS of ASL DVDs and bible stories and interpreting provided. We're just barely getting closed captioned offered on all of our websites.  Its sad.

Deaf people kinda throw that in our faces and there isnt much we can do to defend it.

Deaf Dianne (low ed black lady):  Dianne got robbed of $800.  She had just left the bank and she didnt hear the guy behind her because shes deaf--he beat her up pretty good and stole all the money she had in cash.  She got 16 stitches and now she's facing a possible evitction because she didnt pay rent.  We are praying she doesnt get evicted because then we'll lose her!  I really want to keep teaching her, she's so ready for the gospel.  Dianne is probably the most prepared Deaf person for this gospel that Ive met thus far.  We taught her about Jesus Christ this week and she didnt know that Jesus was Heavenly Father's Son, or that Mary was a virgin.  I signed "Mary was just pregnant all of a sudden.  She did not have sex." (Yay Deaf people!  Gotta be straight up with them or they dont get it!  I love that I dont have to sugar coat anything when I'm teaching Deaf.) Dianne loved learning about all the miracles and power of Jesus Christ and she cant wait to learn more!  She came to church on Sunday, too, and loved it.  I think we can teach her everything in time for maybe an August baptism.

Dan.  Dan is wonderful.  He just needs to be baptized.  He had neck surgery on Friday where they fused two of his vertibre together so we are hoping he can come to church next week!!  We went to see him in the hospital but he was sent home early so we will see him next week!

Lynda Perkins: I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!!  Lynda is so spicy.  She's really great and we were finally able to get her a Book of Mormon and explain it all.  We showed her the website and she looked at us confused.  "Yall are Mormons?  I thought Mormons didn't believe in God!"  I just said "Well, Lynda!  YOU'RE the one who's been to our church meetings twice.  What do YOU think?"  She laughed and said "Yeah!  You do!"  There ya go.  Of course we believe in God.  She's still surprised that the LDS people are Mormon.  haha.  But she's already hooked!  She came to stake conference as well and loved it.  I love Lynda.  She's like a new best friend.  We laugh and cry together.

I am surprised at the number of illiterate people we meet.  There are so many people who can't read very well.  You hand them a bible or a book of mormon and they struggle.  Even the ones who claim that they are comfortable with Bible language or study.  What a blessing we have to be well-read citizens who are comfortable with our ability to read and comprehend!!  There are also a lot of homeless people.  Such a huge problem here...

Well loved ones, I LOVE YOU!  Thanks for the letters and emails and prayers.  The summer is HOT, but Im doing my best!!

Sister Wilson

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