Monday, June 11, 2012

better week

Hello everybody! 

 This was a better week than last one.  We are finding more people and have appointments with people (LINDA is who I am most excited for!)  We are teaching a Deaf lady named Dianne.  She's black and from New Orleans and she's wonderful.  She wants to come to church, so she had me write a note she could give to her boss to ask for the time off.  Missionaries taught her 2 years ago and then lost contact, but she found us again and wants to start coming to church.  Her sign language accent is very different than I'm used to and she signs really fast, but it will be good for me.

Dan is another investigator we have.  He's been taught by missionaries for about 2 months but he cant come to church  because he's on parole.  We are just barely getting the parole officer to feel better about letting Dan come to a church that isnt Catholic.  Anyway, Dan is AMAZING.  He glows with a lightness in his eyes.  He's a single guy who was in jail for 15 years, found God in jail and changed his life.  He's already committed to the word of wisdom, law of chastity, and tithing.  We just need to get him a solid testimony of Joseph Smith and get him to church and we can baptize him!  Last lesson we had with him he handed us the "Book of Mormon Ensign" and he said "How do I sign up to get these?!  This is great!"  He wants the Ensign in the mail.  How much more golden can a person be??  He loves the Book of Mormon, but his progression is slower than most.  I have faith he can be baptized, though. 

The other day in Gospel Principles class, our class was on the "work and personal responsibility" lesson.  We were all talking about awful jobs we've had to bear though in our lives.  The teacher talked about this awful job where he had to dig out plastic bottles and ripped up soda cans from a machine when they got stuck.  I talked about bridezillas.  Zina talked about being a prostitute. about a bunch of uncomfortable Mormons.  hahhaa.  It was very interesting.  She's so open about her past.  I had to laugh at the teacher's face, he was so awkward.  Haha.  But it was wonderful because then Zina bore testimony that now she can do other jobs than selling her body.  Now she can respect herself and she was thankful to God that she "didnt catch any diseases."   She's now living the law of chastity.  Wonderful. 

I was reading the Ensign the other day and I got caught up in the Statistical Report.  I looked at the number of missionaries.  55, 410.  If I weren't here, that number would be 55,409.  Kind of a cool thought.  Also, converts baptized during 2011: 281,312.  If I hadn't been able to teach and help in the conversion of those three in december, that number would be 281, 309.  My service alone is changing our church's statistics.  I guess I'm making a difference one person at a time.  Its a tedious process, but it's wonderful at the same time.  I finished the Book of Mormon again.  Loved it.  Cant wait to start it again. 

Flubber and Indiana Jones were made in Stockton.  Also, there's a Linden in my area.  I tell people I'm from Lindon and they get confused.  Did you know there's a Stockton, Utah??  crazy.  I've decided Utah freeways are ugly.  Mom always told me that but I didn't believe/understand her until now.  The freeways here are so pretty with flowers and plants.  Come ON, Utah!  Catch up!

Lani, our only active Deaf member here, took us out to Manteca on Sunday to find more Deaf people.  Nobody was home, but it was fun.  Lani is very excited about missionary work.  She is the only convert in her family, she also served an ASL mission in the 80's.  She comes faithfully every Sunday even with interpreters who are far behind any certified interpreters.  (But she loves Relief Society because thats the one I interpret and she understands the most.  Its good practice for me, too.) 

The work is looking more positive, I hope to be getting more investigators soon!  Love all of you!!

Sister Wilson

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