Wednesday, July 4, 2012

land of baptisms!

I LOVE STOCKTON, CALIFORIA!!!!  Holy cow, last week was AMAZING and this week we've already added 2 new investigators to teach and we have an appointment today (yes, we decided to sacrifice on a p-day) for a legit woman who wants to learn!  This is the best.  place.  ever.   to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sister Teerime is so wonderful and I love love love her.  She's an amazing teacher (Shes been out 13 months) and we are rocking it up here. 

 Secondly, my heart broke because Lynda dropped us.  She decided it was all too much for her right now, so she's not going to come to church until her life calms down.   What I wish she understood is that right now is when she desperately NEEDS church and what we have to offer, but she doesnt get it.  But, I told Heavenly Father that I guess this is His way to provide more time for me to find the people who are searching and who want to be baptized.  Our mission has a "white christmas" kind of deal only its for July.  Each companionship has a goal of one baptism during this month and we are working hard to find ours!!  We have 9 investigators right now to teach! 

 I would be lying to you if I said Ive never watched a drug deal happen.  We were at Dan's house and this guy walked into another trailer with money, came out with a joint.  Drug deals happen all the time here.  Its sad, but no worries, we dont get in the way and we are staying safe.  Tonight for the 4th of July, we arent allowed to be outside so we are watching 17 Miracles with President and Sister Lewis.  All the zones in this area are getting together so it should be fun. 

The other day at church, there was a new guy that came to our class.  I didnt know who he was, his suit was 3X's too big for him, and he reeked of smoke.  I walked up and introduced myself!  I asked who he was and he said "I'm Thomas."  So I said " you have a last name? Are you new here?"  He lowered his head to the floor, as if he was ashamed.  He looked at me from the corner of his eye and said "maam, I'm a melchezidek priesthood holder...I havent been here in a long time..."  My heart sank.  He explained that he's been less active for a long time but he wants to come back.  Its amazing to see the difference this church makes in the lives of people I meet.  They cant last too long before wanting to come back because they miss it. 

We have another investigator named Cynthia, and she was talking about her struggles right now in her life.  She's had 3 strokes and her car was just destroyed.  She's got a lot of trials.  Cynthia kept blaming everything on God.  Why wasn't He helping her?  Why didnt he care that her life was being ruined?  She doesnt understand free agency.  Her car was destroyed because of somebody ELSE'S choices.  God didn't TAKE it away from her.  He doesn't control everything in our lives, we can make decisions for ourselves.  Just understanding this basic truth has changed my life.  It could change Cynthia's life if she let it.  So basic!!  We can choose for ourselves!!!

I love you all!  I am doing amazingly and I have never been happier in my life.  I think I am starting to not only see a glow, but I can feel that I'm glowing as well.  I love it here. 

Love Sister Wink


There are a bazillion ice cream trucks here that circle around our apartment.  Reminds me of my childhood.  Except they play Christmas songs, which bothers me.  Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer just doesnt make me want to buy icecream...

At the same park across the street, the Hmong people sell the most DELICIOUS eggrolls 4 for $1.  yay! 

 Ive been out 11 months.  whaaa???

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