Thursday, July 26, 2012

random pics

 this is Zina!       and this is the puppy we found.

Also, our map for deaf work!  And the littler map colored is the English area, our ward boundaries.  

new car

First and foremost, I GOT A NEW CAR!!!  YAY!  The old car we were driving had too many miles on it, so the church switched me out for a new 2012 Corolla.  Sooooo much better than the Malibu!  I love driving it, but it kind of scares me to be driving a car straight off the lot.  My daddy taught me better than that!  When we got the car, it had 27 miles as the odometer. 

 It was Lynda's birthday last week so we "heart attacked" her door and she loved it.  She's pondering baptism but she's really stressed right now and wont stop smoking.  Hopefully she will give it up soon.  Dan, on the other hand, has cut back on the cigarettes and he is slowly getting off them so he can be baptized when he gets off parole.  We added a few new people this week that Zina brought to church, but some of them are dealing drugs and some of them just want welfare money, so we are really trying to find people who really want to know the truth and feel the spirit of our church!

 Its story time...On Thursday I wasn't feeling super great, but we had 5 appointments that day so I decided to just deal with it.  We went out and taught Dan but by the end of his lesson, I felt like I was going to fall over.  It was a migraine.  We went to our next appointment with a less active, Lori, and I agreed with Sister Teerime that we needed to cancel and go home.  We chatted with Lori, cancelled, and got in the car.  I felt so detached from my body, like I was in a dream, hoping I could drive all the way home for 10 minutes.  Just down the street, I saw elders leaving a house and getting into their car.  In a weird daze, all I could say was "elders!  elders..." and I pulled the car up next to them (my two zone leaders and one of the Assistants to the President) and begged for a priesthood blessing.  They aren't allowed to give sister missionaries blessings, so we called president for approval but he didn't answer.  I wanted to pass out and throw up at the same time.  I couldnt breathe very well and the poor, awkward elders looked at me with concern. 

They asked if I would be alright to make it home in my condition.  I didn't know what other choice I had, since they cant drive in the same car with sister missionaries, so I told them I'd be fine and I would make it home and call a member for a blessing.  They saw the doubt on my face and said "Sister, I think we better drive you home."  I wasn't going to fight it, I was super sick, so I climbed in the back seat.  So for the first time in all of our missions, the Assistant to the President climbed in the drivers side with one other elder and drove me and sister Teerime home.  It was a miracle that I found them at that moment on that street, and that they happened to be on exchanges that day.  The other elder had a member he was with so they drove the other car and followed us. 

So there I am in the back seat of my own car, trying not to throw up on the new carpet.  We called the mission nurse, Sister Nielsen, and I was only able to speak to her for about 70 seconds before I said "Sister Nielsen, I'm gonna go throw up now, I love you!"  CLICK.  We made it to the apartment and I told sister Teerime to go open the door so I could run to the bathroom.  but I didnt make it inside in time.  The espanol sisters were inside, so they came out and watched me dry heaving 8 times on the curb.  Yay for me.  Wretching up in front of 6 missionaries and a member. 

By that time, they had permission from President to give me a blessing, and they walked me inside.  Because they had that member with them, the elders were allowed to come into my apartment and give me a blessing of healing!  During the blessing, Sister Teerime was throwing up in the bathroom because she couldn't handle watching me do it (what a great companion, eh?!)  Immediately after being blessed, I was filled with peace and felt a ton better.  I chugged a mountain dew for the headache and I was a little weak after that, but I was perfectly fine!  They made me stay home for the rest of the day, but all I did was chat with Sister Marroquin while Sister Teerime went out to our appointments.  There were so many miracles during the whole day.  It just so happened that the espanol sisters didnt have appointments that day, so one could go out and the other could stay with me.  I am thankful that those elders had that member with them, in addition to be with the Assistant who could approve such help!!  I know that the Lord is watching out for me and He will do all He can to help me stay healthy so I can keep working!!  I went out the next day and I'm fine. 

I love being a missionary! 

 Sister Wilson


There are wonderful fruit stands EVERYWHERE down here.  If you look at Stockton on a map, its completely surrounded by farmland.  Fresh fresh fresh cherries, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, any kind of fruit you can think of.  I love it, Utah fruit just isn't comparable. 

We had a kind of strange investigator, Jason, who tried to pay us for our time.  (Do other churches make people pay when they visit their houses and do bible studies?)  He wrote us a check for $20, but we told him we couldnt accept it. 

Monday, July 16, 2012



It was a crazy crazy baptism, but we did it!  Because she's paralyzed from the chest down, it took 3 elders and 1 member to do the actual ceremony.  5 people in the font all in white, it was pretty cool.  They first moved her from her wheelchair into a plastic chair.  Then, the three elders lifted her, on the chair, around the corner and down the steps into the water.  They almost dropped her.

 When she was finally seated in the font, they turned her on her side so she could lean her back down into the water, but the had to hold her up while the ordinance was being said.  Here's my favorite part:  As the Deaf man started signing the prayer, I realized that nobody was voice interpreting for all the hearing people (the mission president was there as well as the companions of those elders helping in the font.)   So I began speaking the words.  "Kelly Brown, having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen."  I have never memorized those words before.  I've never payed attention to them because I never had to recite them!  The Holy Ghost filled my mouth and I was able to recite perfectly that ordinance for all those hearing people who were present.  Wow.  It was so awesome.  I love how the Lord steps in and takes over just when we are in our moment of need. They then lowered her into the water, one elder held her knees down and the other two had to lower her down then lift her back up out of the water, since she doesn't have the strength.  Then Kelly was getting the gift of the Holy Ghost!  They asked her "Who do you want in the circle to confirm you?" and she said "Wilson!" can't be a girl!  haha.  We had to explain that it had to be someone with the priesthood, but I was flattered.  I love baptisms.  

 We ate dinner with Zina for the first time and she had 4 plates out and we were confused.  We sat there and she says to us "This plate is for Jesus.  He's always here with us."  Then she threw it away.  I love Zina.  

Lynda is doing really well and we are trying so hard to get her to stop smoking so she can be baptized this month!!  She got her answer about Joseph Smith and  accepted that her baptism, though it was with great intent, wasn't valid.  She just has to stop smoking...last time we were at her house she had absolutely NO gasoline in her car and she only had 2 more cigarettes left.  She doesn't have money to buy more since she was fired from her job and everything has been a mess.  Its a blessing in disguise, me thinks.  

I woke up the other day at 5am to use the bathroom and I heard somebody crying outside.  Kind of like sobbing.  The next morning while chatting with Sister Marroquin, she said there was a dog who whimpered all night while crawling underneath our car.  She actually woke up to it and went outside to see what it was!  We went outside and the dog was still there.  She was a sweet thing, on her leash, but ownerless.  Her chest was full of milk like she had just had puppies, but there were no puppies to be found to relieve her--she was probably in pain.  We called animal control and hopefully they will get her adopted out soon.  She was a really wonderful dog and she loved being pet and talked to, I'm sure she will find a home.  
All the missionaries who are going home in the next 8 months get the opportunity to go to Coloma before their missions end.  Guess I'm in that group.  Weird.  We went to visit all the historical sites of the early 1800 gold-rush.  It was pretty cool to see all the old buildings and play outside with about 25 other missionaries.  After we saw the old saw mills and watched a movie about Mormon Battalion, we got to go to the river to PAN FOR GOLD!!

   Soooo fun.  We were in the water for about 45 minutes digging through the sand and rocks, looking for gold flecks.  There were a bazillion itty bitty pieces that were too tiny to grab, so the water kind of sparkled.  It was awesome.  I will send some sweet pictures of me looking at REAL gold that I found!  

I love you family and friends!  The church is true and I love missionary work!

Sister Wilson

Random stuff: 

Our AC broke and every night when we come home its been like 85 degrees in our apartment.  I (who sleeps with 5 blankets all summer and winter) slept without pajamas and without blankets.  But they finally fixed it!  yay!  

We have a spider infestation.  We probably kill like 12 a week.  I    think I prefer cockroaches.  

I went to the doctor to see if he could give me a referral to see a physical therapist for my back and guess what he told me?  I'm 6 foot.  They measured 72 inches!!  No WAY doc.  But I did have shoes on.  Hmmm....maybe I should stop going to the chiropractor...he's straightening me out to be taller than I was!  If I keep going I'll be 6'1"! haha.  But honestly, if you take off the 1 inch of shoe he measured, I guess I'm 5'11" instead of 5'10" now.  Weird.  

We saw a homeless guy on the side of the street with a sign that said "I bet you can hit me with a quarter!"  I laughed really hard

Monday, July 9, 2012

love this place!

As if things could get better from last week, THEY DID.  This week was awesome.  We added two new investigators, one of them is seriously crazy and the other one is seriously searching for truth.  Hey, at least 50% is a good find!  And Lynda!!!  LYNDA CAME TO CHURCH!!!  AND SHE TOLD BISHOP SHE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!  She explained that there was a miscommunication and she didnt mean to tell us that she wanted to stop "bible study" but she wanted us to come over!!  She's so ready for the gospel, and we are hoping that she will be our July miracle!!!  IM SO HAPPY!!!!

My testimony of apostles has increased so much recently.  Since Elder Holland came to our mission and gave us that apostolic blessing, we all needed to change some things about ourselves and our mission, but I can see the hand of God in this work.  I can see that the Lord supports His apostles and their promises to us!  There is an energy in the mission.  Everyone is excited and happy.  All the missionaries are full of faith and hope.  What a miracle it is for me to be serving in this place at such a great time!  Dan wants to be baptized, but the problem is that he cant until he gets off parole next January.  He already calls himself a Mormon, though.  He bears strong testimony of the truth that we taught him and he knows that God chose this church for him to join.  The other day in our lesson, he got quite emotional.  He shook his head at the ground and said "Danny can't be in charge of Danny's life no more.  Ive seen what happens when I am, and I have to give my life to God so He can be in charge."  There is such a huge difference in Dan.  Such a use of the Atonement, stronger than any I have ever seen in my life.  He is the most truly converted nonmember I have ever met. 

I am yet again training my companion to only cross one eye.  She's getting closer!!  One night, Sister Teerime and I were driving home when I saw a crumpled brown piece of fabric in the middle of the road.  Out of impulse, (thanks Erin Haskell) I stopped the car and demanded that she pick it up because I was curious what it was.  Sister Teerime resisted, looking at me like I was crazy.  She got out and looked at it and said "It looks like some kind of hat!"  And I say "pick it up!  Put it in the car!"  So she finally did.  It was a pirate hat with three corners.  Best thing I have EVER found on the side of the road.  We laughed all the way home because it looks rediculous when you put it on.  We decided to give it to the Kroffs in our ward because they have a children's theatre and they can use it, I'm sure. 
 Later that night, Sister Teerime's hair was bothering her, so I offered to cut it. She let me.  I just did what Momma told me they used to do in the 70's when they wanted layers!!  Put it in a ponytail on top of the head and cut straight across!!  We had to fix it a bit after we let it down but it actually looks really good and she is much happier.  She has so much hair that before we did the cut, she couldnt even run her brush through it.  Yay!  ALSO!!  Sister Teerime is learning ASL.  Like, I have never met other sister who is picking it up as fast as she has. After two days, she was praying in ASL.  She understands like 25% of our deaf lessons.  She has truly been given the gift of tongues.  (Gift of hands?)

Deaf Dianne is still in Louisiana getting surgery, but when she comes home she wants to finish learning and get baptized in August.  She's so wonderful and what a blessing it is for me to teach her.  I am also going to Deaf Kelly's baptism this Sunday in Carmichael!!  (yay, I can visit Carmichael again for a day!) 

 As you can tell, I am one very happy sister missionary serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.  I love our Heavenly Father so much and I know He loves all these people to whom He has sent me!!  The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church on earth with the proper authority to baptize!!  And we're going to do it!!!

Sister Wilson

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

land of baptisms!

I LOVE STOCKTON, CALIFORIA!!!!  Holy cow, last week was AMAZING and this week we've already added 2 new investigators to teach and we have an appointment today (yes, we decided to sacrifice on a p-day) for a legit woman who wants to learn!  This is the best.  place.  ever.   to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sister Teerime is so wonderful and I love love love her.  She's an amazing teacher (Shes been out 13 months) and we are rocking it up here. 

 Secondly, my heart broke because Lynda dropped us.  She decided it was all too much for her right now, so she's not going to come to church until her life calms down.   What I wish she understood is that right now is when she desperately NEEDS church and what we have to offer, but she doesnt get it.  But, I told Heavenly Father that I guess this is His way to provide more time for me to find the people who are searching and who want to be baptized.  Our mission has a "white christmas" kind of deal only its for July.  Each companionship has a goal of one baptism during this month and we are working hard to find ours!!  We have 9 investigators right now to teach! 

 I would be lying to you if I said Ive never watched a drug deal happen.  We were at Dan's house and this guy walked into another trailer with money, came out with a joint.  Drug deals happen all the time here.  Its sad, but no worries, we dont get in the way and we are staying safe.  Tonight for the 4th of July, we arent allowed to be outside so we are watching 17 Miracles with President and Sister Lewis.  All the zones in this area are getting together so it should be fun. 

The other day at church, there was a new guy that came to our class.  I didnt know who he was, his suit was 3X's too big for him, and he reeked of smoke.  I walked up and introduced myself!  I asked who he was and he said "I'm Thomas."  So I said " you have a last name? Are you new here?"  He lowered his head to the floor, as if he was ashamed.  He looked at me from the corner of his eye and said "maam, I'm a melchezidek priesthood holder...I havent been here in a long time..."  My heart sank.  He explained that he's been less active for a long time but he wants to come back.  Its amazing to see the difference this church makes in the lives of people I meet.  They cant last too long before wanting to come back because they miss it. 

We have another investigator named Cynthia, and she was talking about her struggles right now in her life.  She's had 3 strokes and her car was just destroyed.  She's got a lot of trials.  Cynthia kept blaming everything on God.  Why wasn't He helping her?  Why didnt he care that her life was being ruined?  She doesnt understand free agency.  Her car was destroyed because of somebody ELSE'S choices.  God didn't TAKE it away from her.  He doesn't control everything in our lives, we can make decisions for ourselves.  Just understanding this basic truth has changed my life.  It could change Cynthia's life if she let it.  So basic!!  We can choose for ourselves!!!

I love you all!  I am doing amazingly and I have never been happier in my life.  I think I am starting to not only see a glow, but I can feel that I'm glowing as well.  I love it here. 

Love Sister Wink


There are a bazillion ice cream trucks here that circle around our apartment.  Reminds me of my childhood.  Except they play Christmas songs, which bothers me.  Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer just doesnt make me want to buy icecream...

At the same park across the street, the Hmong people sell the most DELICIOUS eggrolls 4 for $1.  yay! 

 Ive been out 11 months.  whaaa???