Friday, January 18, 2013

Transfers! it turns out the closer I get to the end...the less I seem to have to say in my emails.  I dont know why.  We had a CRAZY surprise this week!!  Sister Oliphant was emergency transferred away from me.  :(  boooo.  But I got Sister Acker as my new companion!!!  She's been in Stockton, and now she joined me in the deaf branch!  Sister Acker is from West Jordan, UT.  She's the youngest in her family, too, and we love each other.  She wants to be an interpreter after her mission, and her sign is really good.  So, she will kill me off through these last few weeks I have.  *gasp*  Sister Acker is a bit more shy than I am used to my companions being, but shes very sweet and she is excited to work with our little deaf branch.  Sister Oliphant and Sister Sellers are now in a trio with the new MTC baby, Sister Repman!  (Sister Repman was born deaf, but she has a cochlear implant.)

I did exchanges this week with another Islander from Kiribati, Sister Angimarau.  She demanded that she braided my hair for the day, so I let her.  Pretty cool, eh?  I told her I liked French braids and she responded with "no Russian!!"  So, apparently, this is the way they braid in Russia.  Other than that, this week was pretty uneventful.  We taught the gospel, which is still AMAZINGLY AWESOME to do, and we bore testimony!  yay!  We currently have 5 Deaf investigators, but its so hard to get them to be able to come to church!!  

This is a picture of all the ASL sisters together and my beautiful roommates who just teach in English.  I love all these friendships I've been able to make on the mission.  

Sister Wink

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