Monday, January 7, 2013

Merry Christmas part 2

Hello peoples of mostly Utah!!  Where did the time go??  It kinda hit me yesterday that I basically only have one transfer left.  I freaked out a little.  Moving on...

Christmas Eve: We had a zone activity that night and did a white elephant exchange with the elders.  It was fun, then we came home and pulled our 4 mattresses into the front room and made a fort out of sheets that we then slept under!!  Christmas morning we woke up and immediately started a fire in our fireplace (yes we had approval!) because we thought a fire on Christmas morning would be fun!  One problem with starting a fire in your wood-burning fireplace on Christmas morning: you need to remember to open the flue.  Smoke came billowing into our living room but we couldn't open the flue because our hands would get burned!!  So, we set off the smoke alarm at 6:30am and opened all the doors and froze to death until the fire finally died and stopped smoking with the help of some water.  It was a grand adventure.  Then we opened our packages from home and washed our bedding because it smelled like smoke.  (the smell of smoke doesnt really bother me anymore, though, I'm kinda around it a lot as a missionary!)

Christmas Day: After we got ready, we went to eat Christmas breakfast with one of the senior sisters!  Obviously, the best part of my day was skyping with the family!!  The rest of our day was pretty chill.  We did nothing except write letters and talk.  

This week was pretty chill as well, we were able to add a new hearing investigator because she doesnt want elders.  Thats always fun to teach in English again.  She's a sweet black lady named Johnnie with 3 children.  There was yet ANOTHER lady down south that didnt want to be taught by elders named Lorie, so we picked her up too!  So...we are teaching two people in English!!  Yay for English!  Except I cant speak it very well anymore...I say things backwards sometimes.  So, we get to teach them, but obviously, they dont come to the deaf branch, they go to their own hearing wards.  Should be some bapamatisms commin up soon for us!!  Kathy the used-to-be Wiccan is doing very well since her baptism.

New Years Eve: We started with rootbeer floats because sister Oliphant got to break her LAST years resolution of no soda.  So we chugged soda and then we were exactly obedient and in bed by 10:30 with the light off.  But we may have stayed up until midnight talking on purpose, just because it was new years eve.  

Not much else to say!  I miss you all!  

Sister Wilson

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