Monday, January 7, 2013

No bones and sickness

Hello loved ones! A few crazy stories from this week:

-A few days ago, we were sitting on the floor and looking at the Deaf people on our wall that we could visit.  I saw a piece of lint on the ground and a few other large pieces of garbage and figured I'd pick them up and throw them away.  I picked up the black piece of lint and realized it was exceedingly wet.  Instinctively, I dropped it right away and watched it wither and die because it was really a spider.  Yup.  I popped open a spider with my two fingers.  He died.  I shuddered for the next hour and scrubbed my hands with soap and water.

-That same day, we left our apartment and saw a SNAKE!  I took pictures to show you, he was red and tiny and cute.  He wasnt moving very fast because it was cold outside...

-The elders play this RIDICULOUS game called "no bones."  One elder will walk up to another one and poke him with his finger and say "NO BONES!"  Instantly, the other elder has to fall to the ground as if his body has no bones.  The game usually breaks out with the office elders and AP's.  Its very entertaining to watch because they will fall on top of each other without mercy.  They tell us stories of how they play it at home in their apartment and when one elder is boneless, the other ones will do crazy stuff to him like rub toothpaste on his face and shove stuff in his mouth and he cant do anything about it because he has no bones.  You can only get bones if someone pokes you again and says "bones."  So on New Years eve, because the sisters were all in jeans for our zone activity, a crazy epic game of no bones broke out and all of us were falling to the floor.  Oh elders.  Normally, they avoid the sisters like we have leprosy, but we had a great time that night, within mission boundaries of course!  Little do they know that without bones, you would be DEAF. 

-All the sister missionaries in our zone were sick this week.  All 6 of us.  There's a really bad cold-bug going around all the missionaries and even our mission nurse has it.  I stayed in for 2 days coughing and sleeping a lot.  Bleagh.  Sister O and I did facials because one of the senior sisters gave us this expensive mud-clay stuff and said it was good for our skin.  I feel the same.  

I did exchanges with Sister Vaughan (picture).  She knows Marci and Aaron so its funny because we always talk about them when we see each other. She's a fairly young missionary here, and it's fun to see her grow and develop as a new missionary.  Its fun to do exchanges with different sister missionaries in our mission, I love it!!    

That was basically my week.  Not much else.  

Sister Wilson

P.S. for those who don't know, I officially fly home on February 19th.  So you can continue to write/email me until then.

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