Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Love Sacramento!!

What a great week!!  Sister Acker and I have been truckin along and I'm doing really well at NOT being trunky!  :)  She's keeping me hard at work!  The weather has been really nice, in the 50's to 60's all week, I walk around without my coat most the time.  This January has been really warm and dry, but I'm not complaining especially since I keep hearing about Utah being in the single digits!  Whoo cold!  Brrrrr!  We went to breakfast this morning with the zone, here's a picture of  me and my comp!

I woke up the other day with a bad migraine and during our morning workout, I started to go blind.  I blame my mother's genetics for getting migraines. I chugged a mountain dew for breakfast and went back to bed.  It knocked me out for the whole day.  But I was up and running again the next day and back to normal.  Wow, I feel like I've been sick a lot this past transfer!  Then, on Sunday, our branch president was sick.  And he has no counselors   Which meant that nobody had the authority to run a Sacrament Meeting.  hahaha.  We all sat there for a long time while until the stake president finally answered his phone and approved another man to hold the meeting.  I hope the branch can get more priesthood soon.

As for my recent convert, Kelly Brown (The paralyzed one), she was driving along a road the other night in her wheelchair and didn't quite catch the curb.  She fell of the side of the curb into the road, and if that weren't enough, into a DITCH.  It was dark, and she had a 5 year old girl with her who was holding a flashlight.  Kelly obviously couldnt do anything to stop herself and her 200 pound wheelchair from falling into the ditch, and she hit her head against the cement wall.  The little girl with the flashlight, Crissa, waved it in circles and circles and yelled for help until a car pulled over and called 911.  We went to visit Kelly in the hospital and she got a blessing from elder Hudnor and Walter Price.  She was happy to see us, and she was smiling, but she has bleeding in between her skull and her brain, and might need surgery.  We'll see. (*sidenote* THEY DIDNT PROVIDE AN INTERPRETER FOR HER IN THE ICU.  Frustrated sister wilson!)

On a more positive note, I get to go to the temple tomorrow!!  (because I'm going home.  Its my departing temple trip with all the other people who are going home)  The whole day is just going to the temple, eating with the mission president and his wife, and chillin' with all the other people who go home.  Except, they all leave on Thursday, and I stay another 4 weeks.  :)  I'm actually really happy that I wont be sobbing yet.  I can thoroughly enjoy this last party and remain emotionally in tact because I still have a month.  haha.

I love you all, thanks for the encouragement of helping me endure to the end, it helps. Don't stop writing me!

Love, Sister Wink

Bunches of random stuff:
*We were allowed to have a facebook presence for the deaf branch.  We already have 8 Deaf friends.  YAY!
*Its a little chilly, so the other day I decided to wear fuzzy socks under my black nylons.  I looked slightly like I had cankles, but I didnt care because my feet were warm.  Yeah....its time to come home and start caring about how I look again....
*Our investigator, Paula, had her window busted through with a rock.  yay for drunk men.
*We finally got our fireplace to work and burned a fire one morning.  No smoke billowed into our apartment because we remembered to open the flue.
*Story: the other day, we were sitting at an "enter" gate and waiting for another car to let us go into an apartment complex.  There was another car in front of us waiting as well.  One other car came out the "exit" gate and the car in front of us thought he could make it through, but as he floored it, he didn't quite clear the bar on the side and dented the whole side of his passenger door.  Ouch.  Probably no less than $1,000 worth of damage. 30 seconds later, another car let us in.  I'm glad for the Christlike attribute of patience!  :)

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