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It was a crazy crazy baptism, but we did it!  Because she's paralyzed from the chest down, it took 3 elders and 1 member to do the actual ceremony.  5 people in the font all in white, it was pretty cool.  They first moved her from her wheelchair into a plastic chair.  Then, the three elders lifted her, on the chair, around the corner and down the steps into the water.  They almost dropped her.

 When she was finally seated in the font, they turned her on her side so she could lean her back down into the water, but the had to hold her up while the ordinance was being said.  Here's my favorite part:  As the Deaf man started signing the prayer, I realized that nobody was voice interpreting for all the hearing people (the mission president was there as well as the companions of those elders helping in the font.)   So I began speaking the words.  "Kelly Brown, having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen."  I have never memorized those words before.  I've never payed attention to them because I never had to recite them!  The Holy Ghost filled my mouth and I was able to recite perfectly that ordinance for all those hearing people who were present.  Wow.  It was so awesome.  I love how the Lord steps in and takes over just when we are in our moment of need. They then lowered her into the water, one elder held her knees down and the other two had to lower her down then lift her back up out of the water, since she doesn't have the strength.  Then Kelly was getting the gift of the Holy Ghost!  They asked her "Who do you want in the circle to confirm you?" and she said "Wilson!" can't be a girl!  haha.  We had to explain that it had to be someone with the priesthood, but I was flattered.  I love baptisms.  

 We ate dinner with Zina for the first time and she had 4 plates out and we were confused.  We sat there and she says to us "This plate is for Jesus.  He's always here with us."  Then she threw it away.  I love Zina.  

Lynda is doing really well and we are trying so hard to get her to stop smoking so she can be baptized this month!!  She got her answer about Joseph Smith and  accepted that her baptism, though it was with great intent, wasn't valid.  She just has to stop smoking...last time we were at her house she had absolutely NO gasoline in her car and she only had 2 more cigarettes left.  She doesn't have money to buy more since she was fired from her job and everything has been a mess.  Its a blessing in disguise, me thinks.  

I woke up the other day at 5am to use the bathroom and I heard somebody crying outside.  Kind of like sobbing.  The next morning while chatting with Sister Marroquin, she said there was a dog who whimpered all night while crawling underneath our car.  She actually woke up to it and went outside to see what it was!  We went outside and the dog was still there.  She was a sweet thing, on her leash, but ownerless.  Her chest was full of milk like she had just had puppies, but there were no puppies to be found to relieve her--she was probably in pain.  We called animal control and hopefully they will get her adopted out soon.  She was a really wonderful dog and she loved being pet and talked to, I'm sure she will find a home.  
All the missionaries who are going home in the next 8 months get the opportunity to go to Coloma before their missions end.  Guess I'm in that group.  Weird.  We went to visit all the historical sites of the early 1800 gold-rush.  It was pretty cool to see all the old buildings and play outside with about 25 other missionaries.  After we saw the old saw mills and watched a movie about Mormon Battalion, we got to go to the river to PAN FOR GOLD!!

   Soooo fun.  We were in the water for about 45 minutes digging through the sand and rocks, looking for gold flecks.  There were a bazillion itty bitty pieces that were too tiny to grab, so the water kind of sparkled.  It was awesome.  I will send some sweet pictures of me looking at REAL gold that I found!  

I love you family and friends!  The church is true and I love missionary work!

Sister Wilson

Random stuff: 

Our AC broke and every night when we come home its been like 85 degrees in our apartment.  I (who sleeps with 5 blankets all summer and winter) slept without pajamas and without blankets.  But they finally fixed it!  yay!  

We have a spider infestation.  We probably kill like 12 a week.  I    think I prefer cockroaches.  

I went to the doctor to see if he could give me a referral to see a physical therapist for my back and guess what he told me?  I'm 6 foot.  They measured 72 inches!!  No WAY doc.  But I did have shoes on.  Hmmm....maybe I should stop going to the chiropractor...he's straightening me out to be taller than I was!  If I keep going I'll be 6'1"! haha.  But honestly, if you take off the 1 inch of shoe he measured, I guess I'm 5'11" instead of 5'10" now.  Weird.  

We saw a homeless guy on the side of the street with a sign that said "I bet you can hit me with a quarter!"  I laughed really hard

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