Thursday, July 26, 2012

new car

First and foremost, I GOT A NEW CAR!!!  YAY!  The old car we were driving had too many miles on it, so the church switched me out for a new 2012 Corolla.  Sooooo much better than the Malibu!  I love driving it, but it kind of scares me to be driving a car straight off the lot.  My daddy taught me better than that!  When we got the car, it had 27 miles as the odometer. 

 It was Lynda's birthday last week so we "heart attacked" her door and she loved it.  She's pondering baptism but she's really stressed right now and wont stop smoking.  Hopefully she will give it up soon.  Dan, on the other hand, has cut back on the cigarettes and he is slowly getting off them so he can be baptized when he gets off parole.  We added a few new people this week that Zina brought to church, but some of them are dealing drugs and some of them just want welfare money, so we are really trying to find people who really want to know the truth and feel the spirit of our church!

 Its story time...On Thursday I wasn't feeling super great, but we had 5 appointments that day so I decided to just deal with it.  We went out and taught Dan but by the end of his lesson, I felt like I was going to fall over.  It was a migraine.  We went to our next appointment with a less active, Lori, and I agreed with Sister Teerime that we needed to cancel and go home.  We chatted with Lori, cancelled, and got in the car.  I felt so detached from my body, like I was in a dream, hoping I could drive all the way home for 10 minutes.  Just down the street, I saw elders leaving a house and getting into their car.  In a weird daze, all I could say was "elders!  elders..." and I pulled the car up next to them (my two zone leaders and one of the Assistants to the President) and begged for a priesthood blessing.  They aren't allowed to give sister missionaries blessings, so we called president for approval but he didn't answer.  I wanted to pass out and throw up at the same time.  I couldnt breathe very well and the poor, awkward elders looked at me with concern. 

They asked if I would be alright to make it home in my condition.  I didn't know what other choice I had, since they cant drive in the same car with sister missionaries, so I told them I'd be fine and I would make it home and call a member for a blessing.  They saw the doubt on my face and said "Sister, I think we better drive you home."  I wasn't going to fight it, I was super sick, so I climbed in the back seat.  So for the first time in all of our missions, the Assistant to the President climbed in the drivers side with one other elder and drove me and sister Teerime home.  It was a miracle that I found them at that moment on that street, and that they happened to be on exchanges that day.  The other elder had a member he was with so they drove the other car and followed us. 

So there I am in the back seat of my own car, trying not to throw up on the new carpet.  We called the mission nurse, Sister Nielsen, and I was only able to speak to her for about 70 seconds before I said "Sister Nielsen, I'm gonna go throw up now, I love you!"  CLICK.  We made it to the apartment and I told sister Teerime to go open the door so I could run to the bathroom.  but I didnt make it inside in time.  The espanol sisters were inside, so they came out and watched me dry heaving 8 times on the curb.  Yay for me.  Wretching up in front of 6 missionaries and a member. 

By that time, they had permission from President to give me a blessing, and they walked me inside.  Because they had that member with them, the elders were allowed to come into my apartment and give me a blessing of healing!  During the blessing, Sister Teerime was throwing up in the bathroom because she couldn't handle watching me do it (what a great companion, eh?!)  Immediately after being blessed, I was filled with peace and felt a ton better.  I chugged a mountain dew for the headache and I was a little weak after that, but I was perfectly fine!  They made me stay home for the rest of the day, but all I did was chat with Sister Marroquin while Sister Teerime went out to our appointments.  There were so many miracles during the whole day.  It just so happened that the espanol sisters didnt have appointments that day, so one could go out and the other could stay with me.  I am thankful that those elders had that member with them, in addition to be with the Assistant who could approve such help!!  I know that the Lord is watching out for me and He will do all He can to help me stay healthy so I can keep working!!  I went out the next day and I'm fine. 

I love being a missionary! 

 Sister Wilson


There are wonderful fruit stands EVERYWHERE down here.  If you look at Stockton on a map, its completely surrounded by farmland.  Fresh fresh fresh cherries, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, any kind of fruit you can think of.  I love it, Utah fruit just isn't comparable. 

We had a kind of strange investigator, Jason, who tried to pay us for our time.  (Do other churches make people pay when they visit their houses and do bible studies?)  He wrote us a check for $20, but we told him we couldnt accept it. 

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