Tuesday, April 3, 2012


No more Yokwe.  I'm being transfered to the strange land of Carmichael!!  YAY!  Carmichael is like home to me here on the mission.   Oh how Ive missed it.  My new companion is Sister Despain.  She's from Washington!  I'm so excited to serve with her in theDeaf branch.  Sister Williams had to retire her mission a little early and I miss her DEARLY but I hope she finds healing.  They decided to close our Sister's Marshallese area, which is totally okay with me since we really struggled to find people to teach!!  All the Marshallese people seemed to live on the Elder's side of the map, so they are giving them our area too!  Sister Konou is headed down to Stockton to be in Deaf work with sister Larson!  Its ironic, really.  Now we've switched worlds.  She was still pretty sick all week so we did some testing at  the doctors and lots of sleeping. 

 Thats basically it for my week!  Quite uneventful, but I cant WAIT to get back to teaching my Deafies and lovin' every minute!!  Also, I was informed that my recent convert of December, Mike, got the Aaronic Priesthood on SUNDAY!!  YAY!!!  He's such a beam of light for all who meet him. 

Since I dont have much else to say, I wrote a fun list for ya'll.   You know you're a missionary when...

*Cockroaches become analogies for investigators

*You geek out over a new Mormon.org video and you can't wait to watch it!!

*Every time you get a hold of some "new" old Ensigns, you spend the evening looking through them for cool pictures to cut out and use on your planner

*You leave appointments smelling like smoke for the rest of the day

*You forget your first name

*You put on pants to serve someone and you wish you were in a skirt because skirts are more comfortable

*P-days are too long and they only slow you down

*Members who havent been to church in 20 years are "Less active" not "Inactive"

*You start going to bed at 10 instead of 10:30 because you're so exhausted

*All your emails home ALSO include some kind of testimony

*One hour of scripture study every day ISNT ENOUGH TIME

All of this is true. 

 Love you!!

 I'm going back to being Sister WINK!

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