Tuesday, March 27, 2012

still here

Bula!  Yokwe!  Hello!

This week was pretty uneventful.  Sister Konou was sick for like 5 days so we didnt get out much.  I did a lot of reading and cleaning.  Ive decided that whoever is put with me will become deathly ill within one transfer.  I seem to make all my companions sick!  (then again, Ive only had two in the field...)  We had zone conference last Thursday and it was amazing.  I love being a missionary!!!  I got to sing a musical number for it, too and it was great.  Singing musical numbers is kind of like insurance that President won't ask me to give a talk.  Why do you think I always sing??  ;)  kidding!! 

General Conference is this weekend!!! YAY!  I'm so excited to hear inspired words from our prophets and apostles!  I dont know why it never occurred to me, but General Conference in California starts at 9 instead of 10 was a surprise!  Why did I think it started at 10 all over the world?!  Thats impossible!  Then sister Konou told me that in Hawaii they start watching at 6am.  Oh my days!  Glad I dont have to do THAT! 
In other news, WE ARE GETTING A NEW ASL SISTER IN AUGUST!!!  I CANT WAIT!!!  I'm probably going to train her (I'll be the only ASL sister left...)  Its too far away, I am soooo excited! 

I love all of you!!  Sorry this is a short one!

Sister Wilson

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