Monday, April 16, 2012

tie die rules!

This week was AMAZINGLY amazing!  Sister Despain is a wonderful missionary and I am learning so much from her.  We went to El Dorado Hills to visit 3 deafies that lived out there and it was BEAUTIFUL.  AND I SAW MOUNTAINS!!!!  Oh how I miss the mountains.

 Later in the week, Sister Despain and I were street contacting and we ran across a little family who sold tye-dye shirts.  We talked with them for like an hour and taught a lesson in their little tent and after we finished the wife said "Well, honey, we need to hook these girls up!  They're missionaries!"  and they gave us both a free shirt.  yay!  We also went to a "Deaf ice-cream night" to meet Deaf people.  The community picks a place to eat or socialize and inform all the Deaf community and everyone goes to see their friends, its a lot of fun.

 We have another one next week, so hopefully we can start finding some new Deaf people to teach.  We have 4 right now, but I would say at this point that two of them are progressing in the gospel.  Frankie, we met a few months ago and his mom passed away so he wanted to learn more about where she is and the plan of salvation.  He's been coming to the Deaf branch for about a month now, I think we can baptize him.  Kelly, another Deaf lady, just got out of the hospital (after living there for 18 months) and she's paralyzed from the waist down.  She's VERY humble and needs some uplifting.  We've been teaching her for a bit now and she should be coming to church next week!  

Speaking of Deaf people, I had to do 3 hours of interpreting yesterday all by myself so I'm kind of brain-dead...its amazing how much energy just interpreting something can take from a body.  We had "Branch Conference" so the stake president and his counselors were all there, and, naturally, none of them sign.  So, I interpreted all 3 hours of church and then a special meeting later that night.  Stake Conference is this weekend, too, so I'll do another 5 hours interpreting, except I'll have a teammate to help me from the branch.  I'll need your prayers!!  Whoo!  Good practice, right?  

We started teaching Ashlee again and she really wants to be baptized still.  She's still coming to church fairly regularly and she just needs to stop smoking!!  Other than that, our week was just crazy busy visiting less actives!  Because we don't have hearing investigators, we filled our time with finding and less active work.  This was probably one of the best weeks Ive ever had on my mission.  We taught 13 lessons and the mission had a few big changes that made me super happy.  I love being here.  I cant BELIEVE I'm almost halfway done!!  Thats so crazy.  I already miss being here.
Sister Despain got her "depressing mail" (her going-home packet and flight information) on Friday the 13th.  She was pretty bummed, and I will miss her when she leaves.  Until then, I want to siphon all the knowledge and talents she has.  The back is about the same.  I get to start going back to the Chiro every other week now because he's up here, so that should continue to help me.  Its been 5 weeks since Ive been cracked and I've had a bad headache for like 4 days that I cant get rid of.  But, I'm doing great and I'm so so so happy.  I see Dr. Armstrong on Friday and I'm excited to start treatment again, it helps me a LOT.  

We saw two mascots on the streets of Carmichael this week.  Not okay.  

Love all of you!!  Keep up the missionary work in Utah!!

Sister Wilson

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