Monday, March 5, 2012

weekly update

Things in the Marshallese branch are...different than English/Deaf work.  But in some ways similar.  We have a really difficult time getting people to church (thats the same.  haha).  Everywhere I go we sit on the floor.  Some Marshallese don't even bother with furniture because they all sit on the floor all the time.  We also get SODA at every house.  I dont even like soda but Ive been drinking it not to offend people.  Marshallese people say they will start a party at 6 and it starts at 8:30 pm.  Our investigators aren't home when they set up appointments with us and they're so "nice" that its frustrating they arent being honest in their intentions to never join the church.  Its a problem we have here but we are doing our best to find those who are truly interested! 

California's weather has been good to me.  It feels like a Utah's April or May, but the Marshallese are always FREEZING.  Each apartment we enter, we get blasted with heat.  Their heaters are constantly on and its like 80 degrees.  They always look at me and point the space heater my way.  "You cold sistah?  here."  uhh...thanks.  I usually end up sneaking it to blow the other way or turning it off.  haha.  I forgot to mention that at the birthday party I went to, we ate everything with our fingers.  They didnt use silverware.  I feel like I'm in Ghana again at times.  Lets just say I'm quite happy that I won't make any more etiquette mistakes of which fork to use for what! 

In the Marshal Islands, men are the respected sex of the two.  When we are sitting on the floor and there are men sitting on the floor, we can't stand up until they do.  Nor can we use the restroom.  I spend a lot of time on the floor.  :)  Dinners usually include about 18 kids.  They all LOVE me because I'm white.  Oh yeah, and I dyed my blonde streak again because I missed it so much.  Its back and I love it.  Still.  I did a small one in Sister William's hair the night before I left, too, so she could have a reminder of me (and because I had extra bleach).  She's still pretty sick and I was sad to leave her to the care of a different companion, but she will be fine I'm sure. 

Sister Konou had the flu for the weekend, so after studying my brains out, I decided to craft.  And by "craft," I mean the closest thing I have to crafting which is cutting out pictures for a bazillion old ensigns and making picture collages.  Ive read every Ensign for the last 6 years, seriously.  I think I miss creating things with my hands.  I did a lot of that when I was home.  Ensign cutting, gluing, and taping is as close as I can get to creation of something beautiful here on the mission.  haha. 
My back is doing better, this is the best week Ive had since like November.  I love all of you, don't stop the prayers because I can feel them working!!
                                                                                                         yes, I meant to cut off my head.
Sister Wilson

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