Tuesday, March 20, 2012

me again

Marshallese people are always in the Pajamas.  Like seriously, always.  The women stay home and all of them that we meet are just chillin in front of the tv in their PJ's.  Its kind of sad to see the lack of motivation here.  I feel really out of my element down here but I'm sure I'll be back to my Deafies soon enough.  Church is in Marshallese so I kinda have a lot of time to ponder.  Its funny, they stand up and say "Yokwe" then we all say "yokwe" back.  Then they say "Bula" (Hello in Fijian) and we say "Bula!"  Then they say "Good Morning!" and we say "Good Morning."  Its great.   I am able to understand some of the lessons because Marshallese has a some pidgin to it."Chapter" is pronounced "Jebta"  and "Jesus Christ" is pronounced "Gee-joot Kraist."  Lots of the Marshallese have cockroaches.  Good thing I got used to those in Carmichael.  haha.   One of our other investigators can't read, so we have to read it to him but he just wont come to church!!  Why wont they come to church?!  It will change their lives!! 

Last week we had a really bad run-in with a Marshallese bible-basher.  It was a really terrible experience for me.  All I knew was that this guy who is a pastor for another church (I shoulda known)  "Wanted to learn more with the missionaries."  So we went over with our member, Sister Emos.  She's a recent convert of 2 years.  He invited us in nicely and Sister Emos and Sister Konou started explaining the book of mormon.  He seemed to be talking a LOT and I thought he was asking questions so I thought the lesson was going well, until his voice got louder and louder and I felt the spirit leave.  He began arguing with our member and the poor dear kept looking at me and asking me questions in English of where she could find certain scriptures to support our religion.  He was FULL of anti-Mormon information and we couldnt satisfy anything he asked us.  The only thing I understood from the lesson was when he looked at me and said in English, "YOU need to repent!!"  I repent every day, thank you.  I told Sister Konou we needed to leave several times because I was at boiling point.  I could feel my face get hot and even though I cant speak the language, I knew my beliefs were being mocked.  I knew my Savior was being mocked.  He understood some English, so I said "if you don't want this book, we can take it back and I'll give it to someone who does."  And he gave it back to me.  This man was so hard-hearted he wasn't worth our precious time as missionaries.  Our member kept arguing with him, and we struggled to get her to stop.  Finally, I turned to Sister Konou and said "We need to leave.  I am going to walk out in about 10 seconds."  and we left.  Bible bashing isnt worth it.  I am reminded again why its discouraged. 

It was 90 minutes without the spirit, and it was the worst 90 minutes Ive ever had my mission. 

Its been raining quite a bit here and contacting people with puddles in my shoes has been fun.  We had an ASL conference with President Lewis and the 4 ASL sisters that was really good last week.  We explained some of the struggles we have and why Deaf work is a little bit slower.  President basically understood that we need to be companions with other ASL sisters so we will see what my future holds.  I really really miss that Deaf work. 

I'm doing well, family and loved ones!  Miss you all!  Once again, ANYbody can send me emails, I just cant write you back if you arent family!

Sister Wilson

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