Wednesday, January 11, 2012

survived the transfer!!

Hello loved ones!!

I am doing FANTASTICALLY!!!! SISTER WILLIAMS AND I GET TO STAY COMPANIONS FOR 6 MORE WEEKS AND IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!  I cannot think of a greater companion and I just love her so much that I begged Heavenly Father to keep her here with me and He allowed it.  Here's to a new transfer!  Its great to be a missionary here in the Sacramento mission.  Its a wonderful mission.
 Anne gave us some warm socks for Christmas so we could be warm when we study in the mornings.

 The Deaf branch is now at the same time as our Carmichael 1st ward. instead of 6 straight hours of church, we leave one sacrament meeting to make it to ward council and then we go back, skip relief society of one to go to gospel principles, then skip the other relief society to go to the deaf sunday school.  Sundays are crazy.  I love it.
Dr. Armstrong told me that I might be a little taller when he's finished with me....6 foot here I come!  haha.  jk!  But I'm already sitting and standing straighter, which is good!  I've been sleeping on the floor on a mattress for a while now because I cant quite climb up to the top bunk.  Its great because we have to clean our floor every night to have room for me to pull out my bed!  :)  

We used a can of "fake snow" a couple of days after Christmas and the Islander sisters we live with thought it was really cool.  Not quite as cool as real snow, I was sad I couldnt eat it, but it smelled funny...  Speaking of snow, one of my amazing friends sent me REAL SNOW on her letter, so no worries, family.  I got some!  Everyone here is still wondering where the rain is.  Guess its a warm year, but I cant complain because the weather has been awesome!!  

Im having a hard time closing my eyes during prayers now.  Since I leave them open all the time during ASL prayers (every time me and Sister Williams pray, we do it in ASL, and we say like 12 prayers a day). When someone actually prays in English its strange to me.  

I got a belated Christmas package yesterday.  My favorite item was a pillowcase that my family sent me with words of love and support.  I was so overwhelmed that I teared up at the thought of how many people I have praying for me every day and who want me to succeed here.  I feel so much love from my family and friends.  Thanks, all of you.  The ward also sent me some notes of support and encouragement, they were nice to read. I know that as missionaries we are so blessed and loved by people we leave behind.  Its hard, but completely worth it. 
Its funny sometimes when we meet people who have yet to see sister missionaries before.  For some reason, everyone seems a bit shocked at first, but always pleased.  Almost like they've discovered an awesome secret.  "Girl missionaries?!  But, I thought your church only had those boys on bikes!  Its great to see girl missionaries!!"  Its so funny.    

I love all of you, my loved ones!  I am doing swell!!

love, Sister Wilson

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