Monday, January 23, 2012

friends and family...

Its been a wonderful week of ups and downs.  First off, our mission president has been in the hospital the last few weeks and had to have 2 surgeries... they decided it would be best to let him heal at home (SLC) since he was having a hard time here.  He is NOT released as President of this mission!  He's just on "hold" until they can have kind of like a substitute.  Its a good thing the church is set up with assistants to the President and the President's two counselors!!  They've all taken on so much responsibility until we finally get his sub.  Things have been crazy but the work is still going forward.
It is now a moment for me to discuss bible bashers.  Haven't run into too many here.  Just a few.  But after those experiences, I left with many pondering.  The first one we met was a man who had read the whole Book of Mormon for part of his religious training and he wasn't convinced.  He's some kind of pastor.  I was baffled by the confusing question of "why didnt he feel the spirit when he read?"  and "how could he not clearly see that the Book of Mormon was the word of God?!"  I pondered for quite some time this question until it was later revealed to me after meeting another bible bashing man.  He was forced to attend BYU until he graduated and forced to attend a local ward every Sunday.  He was a ward of the state, and loathed every minute in Provo.  I thought it would be impossible to come to church so many times and never feel the spirit!!  Then, I realized Moroni's promise.  You have to have real intent.  When they read the Book of Mormon, they already lacked faith in it!!  They didnt even have a DESIRE to have faith in it.  Pure intent is so important and necessary to true conversion.  The reason I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God is because I first had faith in it.  You won't gain a testimony of that book if you read it with the wrong intent.  Okay, I'm off my soap box.  

Meeting Jews can be awkward too... "Hi!  We're just out today inviting people to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized!"   They look at us like we're idiots.  "We don't believe in Jesus Christ, we're Jewish."   uhhhh......"Do you want a Book of Mormon?"  haha.  

I'm surprised how many people ask us how old we are.  People often comment that we are "very young to be doing what we're doing."  So I say "How old do you think I am?!"  "16?"  nope.  try 25, people.  Do I look 16?  really?  Do I look like I'm in high school?  I'm a college grad, thanks.  So weird.  I blame Sister Williams.  She DOES look young!  Speaking of my wonderful companion, she's doing a little better with her health.  We've spent some days home last week staying with Sister Whittaker and her bad knee, and the resting time has been good for Sister Williams.  

The rain has HIT US!  (Its like a month late, but I'm not complaining!)  We go tracting in the rain and singing songs, its great.  Sister Williams and I actually don't really have time to tract, we're so busy between the two wards, but we go on Sundays with the zone.  We are very excited about Frankie, a new Deaf investigator.  He's untouched by the JW's and the Deaf Bible Church!!  (the Deaf Bible Church teaches anti-mormon stuff to all the Deaf people in this valley.  Booooo!!)  Anyway, Frankie seems curious and excited to learn more.  His Mom died a few years ago and he wants to know what happened with her spirit and body so we are going to teach him!!  

The GOLDEN investigator who dropped us a few weeks back:Kristy.....her dad just died.  We did teach the plan of salvation but all I can do is hope some of it stuck with her and brings her peace.  She really felt the spirit during that lesson.  Maybe one day she will accept missionaries again.  Maybe I was just meant to plant a seed so it can grow in her.  She has Mormon friends, so I'm sure they'll keep that seed alive for a while!!  

That's about it, everyone.  The back is staying like the same.  It just remains a constant dull ache during most days but I hardly notice it anymore.  Dr. Armstrong is great and he is only seeing me every other week now.  With time, I should be able to avoid surgery, so that's always the better option.  I love you all!!  I love letters too!!  (Hint Hint)

Sister Wilson

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