Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sunday school...

Its been a great week!  Full of many emotions.  First off, I need to explain that picture of Sister Williams being pregnant.  Elders burn a tie on hump day, Sisters stuff their shirts and take a pregnant picture because our hump day is at 9 months!  :)   Also, I'm not a greenie anymore!!!  Our zone has 2 other greenies, and so I'm happy to be amongst the normal missionaries.

We added 5 new investigators this week!  (One of which is named Marci.  haha)  Its been so busy!  

Something else Ive realized while being here...the Lord is blessing my memory!  I am AMAZED at how Ive suddenly been able to know all these people in the ward and the deaf branch.  I know all of their names, their children's ages, their personalities.  The Lord helps me to remember all this stuff so that I can be an effective missionary and its so great. I dont think I've EVER known all the names of the people in the Lindon 6th ward and their children.  But then again, it wasn't ever a priority for me to know all of them so Im sure that makes a difference too.  I love our ward so much.  They are willing to help, drive missionaries, feed us every day.  They embrace new investigators and make visits to those struggling with problems.  

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to being a missionary.  When your golden investigator says they dont want to meet with you anymore.  That's heart breaking.  We had been teaching this girl named Kristy and she was eating up the gospel so much.  She even said she wanted to be baptized but she went home for Christmas and when she came back she told us no more lessons.  We are so confused and it just makes me so sad that there are all these joys and blessings she will miss out on.  We are still trying to contact her to see if we can correct some concerns she may have had.  Its also very sad when people dont keep their commitments.  Come on people.  All I'm asking you to do is read like 3 pages out of a book!  And you have 7 days to do so until we come back!  Its not that hard!!  I just need more patience for my investigators I guess.  The gospel makes so much sense to me.  It's easy.  Its happy and restful and brings us joy and peace.  I am sad that people can't see that or when the DO see it, but still walk away.  It leaves me bewildered.  I just want so badly to bring all of these people the blessings I have experienced in this gospel.  One of our new investigators didnt show up to church like she said she would.  We'll get her next week, though!  :)  She cant hide for long!!  

We added 2 new Deaf investigators this week!  I'll keep you updated on them.  Its hard to get the Deaf ones all the way to church because they cant afford the travel costs.  And of course, if they cant get to church, they cant be baptized!  Its a big problem we have here.  Wow.  I sound like I'm complaining a lot today!  Its honestly been a pretty good week, and we are positive and happy.  Sister Williams makes me laugh every day and I cherish the moments I have with her because I know some day she wont be my companion anymore.  I will absorb these next 5 weeks that I have with her.  I love this work!!  I want to tell everyone to serve a mission!  

My back is still...meh.  Slowly improving, and I love that doctor Armstrong, he's a good man.  

Finally, I will leave you all with a great funny story.  This is what Sundays are like in the Deaf Branch...I wont use full names.
(Sunday School---We are discussing the tree of life) 
Teacher:"The fruit was WHITE!"
KF: "Musta been a pear.  Pears are white."
P: "Fruit?  Grapes!  Apples!  White fruit?  White fruit is sour..."
Teacher: "No, no, this white fruit was SWEET.  Has anyone had a dream like Lehi?  One that hit them really hard?"
VF: "My mom had a dream once!!  At exactly the same time as my brother was shot, my mom's tooth exploded!"  (Sits down)
VF's Mother: "Yeah!  I remember that!!"
Teacher: "oh.  wow.  The other day, my husband asked me if it was that time of the month.  I wish husbands had those too!"
R: "Husbands DO have mood swings!!  When my husband is moody, he needs an insulin shot.  So I just leave for one hour to go shopping and he gets lonely and realizes that he has been mean and he gives himself a shot and I come home!" (Sits down)

This is a normal Sunday School discussion....A little A.D.D. but we laugh a lot.  Its Deaf culture!!  I love it.  

Bye all!!

Sister Wilson

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