Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

It was SO GREAT to see my family on Skype and be able to talk with them!!  I cant believe how the toddlers are growing up and how much I miss everybody!!  This week was an interesting one.  We had a few sick days with Sister Williams so work slowed down a bit but our mission is still seeing so many miracles!  Doesnt look like Ashlee is going to make it this month, but we are shooting for January because we know she can stop smoking soon, she's so close.  I'll let you all know next week how many baptisms we got as a mission!!

Its been warm as of late.  Walkin' around today without a coat on, its like 50 outside, doesnt feel like December to me.  I have a terrible cold right now, the back is doing better but after I see Doctor Armstrong tomorrow I'll be in a lot of pain again.  I guess he's going to have a lot of work to do to slowly correct my scoliosis, which includes ripping muscles on purpose and cracking my spine into positions it hasnt been in for years.  It hurts, but I'm so glad to have a diagnosis and amazing doctors to help me.  

We went to Anne's house a few days before Christmas and helped her set up her Christmas tree.  She told us that in the 60's they made these cool silver metal trees and I decided I want one some day.  Anne is doing great, she is so happy and she knows that going to church each week can make a difference in her life.  Caroline's baptism went fantastic, she's adorable.  I guess there was some confusion among my recent converts.  Javier was the only Deaf one!  Mike, Anne and Caroline are all hearing.  We serve in the Deaf branch as well as a hearing ward.  

On Christmas Eve we had a white elephant exchange with the zone.  I got a box of doggie treats.  It was really funny to see what these elders came up with from their apartments!  We also watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas and I was reminded of how awkwardly great that movie is.  Christmas day was wonderful.  We got up bright and early at 6:30 (of course) and opened our packages before we headed out to wake up Ashlee and other people for church at 9!  I am so happy that our ward is switching to 11 am.  Its just going to be easier to get investigators to church at that time, people struggled with 9 in the morning.  :)

 We went to our hearing ward and after Caroline's confirmation, Sister Williams and I sang a duet called "Born is the Light of the World" for the program.  We went home for a few hours before going back to have church at the Deaf branch.  After that, we went to the Steed's home (they are hearing members of the DEAF branch) to.......CALL OUR FAMILIES!!!  Of course, seeing the family was the best part of my Christmas day.  I've been looking forward to it for months, now, and I couldn't stop smiling I was just so happy!  Momma cried, but I'm surprised that I was able to hold my emotions in and I didnt cry!  I miss everyone so much, but I know that Sacramento is supposed to have me right now and I gotta go hunting for some Deaf non-members!!  After the family chat, we ate dinner with the Steeds then headed over to the Seamons' home (a senior couple serving in this mission) for a Christmas evening musical fireside.  Sister Williams and I sang for the missionaries the same song we did that morning and we all ate food and enjoyed the night.  
Transfers are coming up on January 9th and I finally won't be considered a greenie anymore!!  Ive learned so much from Sister Williams, she's the best trainer Heavenly Father could have given me.  I am teaching her life lessons, too!  She's learning how to whistle, how to cross only ONE eye, and how to make the teen girl squad voice!!  We spent a fun P-day at the hospital yesterday...Sister Williams is suffering from a lot of stomach pain as of late and it's not getting better and the hospital was the only place with the technology to test her.  So...they made us sign in to the ER and we got to stay there for six hours!  yay!  She did some ultrasounds that came back with no problems but we are probably going to visit another doctor for her soon because she's in so much pain.  Pray her her.  Between the two of us, we keep the mission medical adviser busy!  

I love all of you, and I'll send more pictures next week!!  The church is true!

Sister Wilson

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