Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the time is gettingt close....

hello all!! 
 What a great week here at the MTC!  The end is near!!!  Im really excited to leave here on October 4th, but strangely, I am super happy that I had a full 9 weeks!  We have had some sisters who speak English in our room and they only stay for 3 weeks, but all of them have felt so unprepared to enter the mission field!  I am grateful to have taught so many lessons even though I know I have SO much to learn and improve!!  Its really a wonderful place to be for so long, and its helped me be sooo excited to get out and teach real people instead of my teachers! 
 Elder Ballard came to speak to us last week.  oh man.  Gave a lot of good advice and now I have quotes from him!  Yesterday evening, we had Russell M. Nelson!  MORE good advice and quotes!  Thats THREE apostles since Ive been here!  (but honestly, Holland was my favorite of the 3.  his talk rocked my socks) 
Sooo...I miss children.  The other day I went to therapy with Sister Sellers to a place in provo and as we walked by one of the offices, there was a woman standing at the desk.  Her little blonde haired boy was sleeping on the bench.  He was so beautiful.  I started crying.  yeah.  I realized that I really miss all my nieces and nephews.  Its going to be hard for me to not play too much with the kids on my mission.  I havent been around children for 2 months and its driving me crazy!!! 
THE ENSIGN!!!!  AMAZING!!  You all better have read it.  All about the Book of Mormon.  They printed a special copy for all of us here at the MTC to have our own.  sooooo good!!! 
I took a vow of silence last friday.  I havent used my voice in 5 days.  Just ASL.  It frustrates some people.  Everyone in the district made the vow but all of them have failed except for me!  Im still going strong!  Determined to not speak a word until I call mom the day I leave!  (oh, and Im singing for the departing devotional the same song I did for Holland, so that is allowed too)    My testimony of missionary work has increased so much since I got here.  I dont think I really understood it before now!  Its so important to gather the children of Israel!!  And I am so happy to be involved in the work. 
The wrist is doing much better.  Thanks to an AMAZING MOTHER who shipped me a brace within 24 hours after she heard I needed one. Thanks mom.  One of my friends that I made here told me she loves it that I wink at her all the time.  She doesnt do ASL.  hmmmm.  I guess I wink at everyone.  Why didnt any of my family or friends ever tell me this....
Last week, we taught our investigator Veronica (the one who doesnt know ASL, you can only teach her through charades) the ENTIRE PLAN OF SALVATION!!!  Wow.  I NEVER thought I would be able to teach someone such amazing principals using only face expressions, body shifting, and acting like a mime.  Im getting better at it but sometimes its really hard.  Anyway, the spirit was sooo strong and she wants to be BAPTIZED!!!!!  YAY!  The church is true!!!
Elder Alder left this week early for Houston.  It was a sad day for all of us.  I love all of you soo much!  Thank you for the prayers on my behalf and all the other missionaries!  I can feel them working!  It is such an amazing opportunity for me to serve ASL.  I havent forgotten that!  I love every minute of this language and I am so blessed to have the chance to serve God with the talents He gave me!  All of us should use our talents for His work! 
I miss you all!  Keep the letter coming!
Sister Wilson

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