Thursday, September 29, 2011

next Tues.!!!

LAST P-DAY HERE AT THE MTC!!!!  IM SO EXCITED!!!!  So, I was forced to break my vow of silence last Tuesday because I had to make a trip to  One night I was getting ready for bed and noticed I had a big hole in my back molar.  Guess I swallowed it, cuz, I sure didnt spit it out.  oops.  I have to go back on Friday morning to get the permanent crown!  I am SOOO LUCKY that I had that hole in my tooth my last week, though!  Its a huge blessing!  If it had happened in California, I would have had to go to some strange dentist who doesnt have my dental records and he would have charged me a million dollars, which I then would have had to send home to mom and dad, since I dont have a million dollars.  :)  But my lovely dentist here in Orem did it all for free, because I'm a missionary.  and he always says Im his favorite patient.  guess it pays to be nice! 
I got my...(drum roll please....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....) FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!    I leave next Tuesday morning!!  My flight leaves at about 11 am.  only an hour long, so I'll be in my mission super quick!  yay!  I look back at these nine weeks at the MTC and I have learned SOOO MUCH!  so much.  At first, I was kinda bummed to have to stay the whole 9, but now I understand why.  Even though I already knew ASL, this has been an AMAZING review for me.  My ASL has improved, I was able to teach Sister Embley a LOT, and I have learned how to be a better missionary!  My teaching skills, though still far from excellent, have improved as well.  I actually feel BAD for the people who only stay 3 weeks!  They express their concerns and they are way freaked out to go start teaching!  As for me, Im feeling well-prepared.  I am sooo excited.  not a fear in me.  Ready for Cali.  Callie in Cali.  yes.  I think its marvelous! 
SO!  Dont send any more letters here....I probably wont get em.  unless you send them like TODAY.  or TOMORROW.  (Wednesday or Thursday).  I think my facebook has my mission address that all of you can write me! 
Ive been thinking this week about how no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of God.  Thats what I'm doing as a missionary!!!  I'm helping people become clean again so they can see Him and live in His presence forever!!  What an exciting and wonderful calling!!!  I'm such a lucky girl.  er...sister.  :) 
Other randomness:  I miss music.  very much.  Most of my days are completely silent.  Theres a hallway that we walk through to get to the cafeteria and its full of rooms with pianos.  Every time I walk by an elder or sister playing music I start melting....then I scoop myself up into a cup and walk past the next room and spill out onto the floor again.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  I miss music.  I'm excited just to be able to listen to a music CD when I get to the field!  It will be grand!
I love you all!  Wish me luck my last week!  Thanks for all the prayers!  I can feel them!  And go pay special attention this weekend as our prophets speak to us!!!!!  YAAAAAAY!!!!   GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! 
love, Sister Wink

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