Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello all!!!!

I LOVE FALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! ITS MY FAVORITE TIME OF EVER!!! Fall is a gift from God. Just to me. okay, I guess I can share with you guys too. I love love LOVE September. Soooo perfect. The weather makes me happy. Every time I go outside I just breathe it all in and smile. and stick out my arms like I'm hugging the air like an idiot. :) So marvelous.   Love love love it.  But it makes me miss Wadley Farms.  September weddings are my mostest favoritest.  of all. 

I may have already said this but I am older than ALL my teachers.  grand.  I get the old jokes but its just funny. 

I have a cold.  not so marvelous.  but it will fade.  I knew Id catch a cold while I'm here in Azkaban anyway.  :)  Stuck with all these bazillion people, illness spreads easily.  Hey--if you want me to answer your questions in email, send me them by Monday night.  I'm getting all these letters JUST after I write on P-day that complain that I didn't answer questions and then I cant answer for ANOTHER 6 days.  so dear elder me on Mondays would be best if ya want to hear back in a timely manner.  :) 

This week has been great.  Lots of lessons learned.  Some hard, some not so hard.  Alright, all of them were hard.  but still so GREAT!  Proverbs 3:12.  :)  look it up.  I dare you.  Sorry this is so short today.  I miss all of you.  Play with Roxie for me.  Hug the little ones. 

The church is true!  Heavenly Father answers prayers through the book of Mormon!!  He loves all of His children.  :)   (and I'm learning to as well!) 

oh yeah!  Random:  Elder Roper worked for a chiropractor (sp?) for a few years before he came on his mission.  He's fixing my "foot flare" (which basically means that I walk like a duck.  which I do)  So, I'm walking better!  YAY!  And also, my calves are actually looking like calves instead of toothpicks!  ANOTHER YAY!!! 

17 months to go!  haha. jk.  I wont start counting like that.  Its really crazy though, that Ive been on my mission for a month though!   If anyone feels so inclined, I could use another book of stamps.  :)

love you all! taa taa for now!!

Sister Wilson

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