Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ASL in the temple...awesome!

well hey yall!!  I had an exciting week last week!!!!  To start off, our Branch President let us do the ASL SESSION AT THE TEMPLE!!!!!!   oh.  my.  heavenly. days.  no pun intended!  YAYA!!!!!!   IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!  And I even got to go through the veil while using sign language.  :)   sooooo cool.  Im really looking forward to daylight savings.  I need that extra hour of sleep!  haha.  25th right? 
We had a fireside last Sunday for September 11th.  oh.  my.  amazing.  The president of the MTC reminded us that after 9/11, people remembered God and did a lot of repenting and tried their best to be better about spending time with their families.  But here we are, 10 years later, and the world has again forgotten the Lord their God.  Its MY job to go remind them and call them to come unto Him!!!  So great!  We also sang Called to Serve.  Which we sing like 49 times a week.  and its actually really fun to do in ASL.  haha.  I'm NOT sick of it yet!  It inspires me!!  I'm getting used to wearing a dress every day.  I just wish I had some longer ones....the weather is pretty cold in the mornings now and for some reason our classroom doesnt understand that its no longer air conditioning season.  We often bring blankets to class.  :) 
On a bit of a sadder note...(is sadder a word?  meh.  who cares)  I'm having pain in my wrist....from signing 12 hours a day.  My body isnt used to Sign Language for so long every day and I guess its taking its toll on me.  But I'm trying to correct my signs so they dont injure my hand any worse.  I went to the therapist with Sister Sellers because of her therapy for her knee and because he LOVES us, he looked at my wrist for free.  He says its NOT carpal tunnel.  Which made me really really happy.  I was so worried.  I just need to brace it at night and be more careful with the way I sign because sometimes I guess I get a little too expressive.  (surprise to any of you?   I think not.)  But all will be well!  And the Lord knows what he's doing with me!  and my wrists!  :)
The MTC is still pretty grand.  But I'm feeling a bit ready for the field!  yeah.  excited.  Sorry if I havent answered any of your questions!  The mail room CLOSED DOWN for a week so they stopped packages and dearelders, so if any of you wrote me....I didnt get it yet.  but I will.  and I'll write back next week, mmmkay?  I love love all of you!!  Thanks for the prayers and support!!!
Sister Wilson

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