Monday, February 13, 2012

happy Valentines Day

Hello family and friends!

We had a fantastic week!  The weather has been pretty warm and its only rained a few days.  The trees are getting blossoms!  In February!  I kind of miss the snow, but then I slap myself and I'm happy to be out of the cold weather.  We were able to have dinner with Marci's friend, Marsha last week and shes an amazing cook!  Her home is beautiful.  There are so many people who love us here and take care of us.  

The other day, we met a black guy on the street named Alex.  He was a visionary man.  And he rubbed his hands together REALLY fast and placed them on my hand.  He looked at me so seriously.  "Do you feel that?"  "yes?"  "Its healing power."   uhhh....I think its just friction, Alex.  But he was very happy to have healed me, so we just smiled, taught him a lesson and said a prayer with him.  Then we laughed our heads off for a few days over it.  I love meeting strangers.  

We have a medium-sized teaching pool right now and another few people that will soon be added!!  The Deaf investigators always take a bit longer to progress since it takes a while to get them to church, and a lot of them can be pretty flaky, but we are teaching them nonetheless!!  One hearing lady we just started teaching asked us about pregnancy.  She has a Mormon friend who told her that when Mormons get pregnant, we believe that a dead spirit enters our womb.  Where on earth do people come up with these things??  

Sacramentoians have whomping willow trees like in Harry Potter!  I'll send a picture.  And yes, that's our car in the background.  I LOVE driving it.  oh yeah, Sister Williams hates driving, so I do most of the driving now.  Its kind of a problem because of how directionally challenged I am.  I couldn't even navigate myself around Utah before the mission, but we have a GPS so he helps me!!

I'm doing well, not much else to say today.  I go to the chiropractor again on Wednesday for relief.  (YAY!)  I love and miss all of you!!

Sister Wilson

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