Monday, February 6, 2012


Welcome February!  I love it in California!  Feels like April here!  Its been crazy dry weather but its nice we have been able to keep dry and do the work of the Lord!!
 SO!  The highlight of this week was our recent convert, Mike.  Yesterday at fast and testimony meeting, he literally JUMPED onto his feet from the back row, put his hands on his hips like Peter Pan, and proudly walked to the front of the pulpit where he bore his testimony.  There cant be anything happier I have ever experienced than for someone to share how the gospel has changed their life.  He's even been facing struggles with his family accepting his conversion, but Mike knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, so he stands true to his baptism.  He is preparing to soon receive the Priesthood and it all just makes me grin bigger than I ever have.  I know that through this gospel, we can all have the true joy that I see in Mike.  My favorite part of his testimony was this: "I do know that God is with us, and He will REMAIN with us when we do what He asks!"
I am truly a missionary.  I feel like I finally get what all of this is about.  During sacrament meeting, its so hard for me to focus because I'm looking at all the less actives and geeking out that they came!  I'm constantly pondering if the words in the talks are the things that the recent converts need and I just cling to every word thinking "I hope they are feeling the spirit!!  Are they getting this?!"  I'm just so happy when people come to church.  Church strengthens us!  We have several people this week that we are planning on visiting who will soon become new investigators and I can honestly say that I know that Holland's promise will happen!  
Unfortunately, we only got one referral from the Gladys Knight concert because they were all in the southern half of the mission.  Our referral was actually a handicapped member of our ward.  haha.  But I know there are plenty of others who are ready and waiting for us to find them.  

Behold, the Great Redeemer Die in ASL is the most beautiful spiritual experience I've had in the Deaf branch.  The lyrics to that song are so simple and plain as it explains the Atonement and Resurrection and to see that all wrapped up in a visual language was so touching to me last week.  ASL has such a great way of being beautiful, humorous, and touching.  I love that Heavenly Father allowed me to serve with this language that was already so precious to my heart.  I don't speak English very well anymore... especially since Sister Williams and I can sign the concepts that don't translate and still understand each other.  It's gonna be a problem when I have a companion that doesnt know ASL.  We use Sign-glish.  

Update on the "back issues":  I found out that when you have a bad back and you go walking for 4 hours to meet people, you will be in mucho pain for the next few days.  We were behind on some of our goals for the week so we decided to meet as many people as we could on the street and it was GREAT because we invited 21 people to be baptized, but now I understand why Doctor Armstrong doesn't want me playing sports for a while!  I'm doing better though and we are lucky to have a car so I can take it easy and slowly heal.  The Lord is blessing me!  

I love all of you!  I can feel your prayers and I can feel that the Lord is fulfilling all of His promises!  

Sister Wink

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