Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Meet Sister Wilson, the new trainer of the MTC GREENIE!!!! WOOOO!!!!   IM SO EXCITED!!!  Sister Oliphant, a new ASL sister arrives today and I will be training her in the field.  I was never technically ever senior companion, but who needs that, right?  I'll just jump straight to trainer I guess!  I had my "mission birthday" last week.  Exactly one year since I entered the MTC and began this whole adventure.  I'm amazed at the growth that's occured and everything I've learned.  I was pondering the other day and I think one big change I've made is being able to take critisizm better than I used to.  Before my mission, when someone ever told me I was doing something wrong, I would be defensive, or if I knew it was true I would be extremely sad and disappointed in myself.  Now, I can sit down with my companions and we can work through problems.  They can correct me and I know I can repent and move on.  I have need of repentance daily, and THATS OKAY!  I love the gospel!  For my mission birthday, I made monkey bread for the apartment sisters and I blew out a 1-year-match. 

 Sunday was a VERY interesting testimony meeting.  Lets just say I'm glad some of my investigators werent able to make it that day.  The very first testimony was a less active guy stormed to the front of the pulpit and yelled at the audience.  He explained that his wife had just walked out of the meeting because she had felt SO shunned by everyone and didnt feel welcome.  He was upset that we werent all being like disciples of Jesus Christ.  There goes the spirit.  Gone.  Out the door.  Lucky for us, he just stopped there and said "uhh....amen."  Bishop was out of town, but the 2nd councelor walked the guy off the stage and out the door to talk with him.  He later joined the back row, so I guess he calmed down.  We are sooo happy to have Sister Johnson in our ward because she saved the meeting.  After he left, she stood up and powerfully bore testimony that she LOVED the ward and that she's sorry someone doesn't feel the way she does about it.  After her, Zina got up and bore testimony and then sang a gospel song  to all of us a cappella.  Then this old lady who just moved in to our ward stood up and annoucned that she was single and that she was very lonely and looking for a lonely single man to marry.  She told all of us she hadnt been sealed in the temple yet and if anyone wanted to meet her she lived at such and such apartments.  wow. 

Deaf Dianne called!!!!  She's back from her brain surgery but she has one more to go through before she heals completely!  So, she will probably finish up the lessons and be baptized in September but I'm so excited for her to come back.  We hadnt heard from her for about a month!!  Some of these investigators are in the very depths of poverty.
 We had one investigator named Barb who lives in a trailer park.  She pays her rent by going to the stadium and collecting plastic cans to recycle.  She calls it "her job" and she "goes to work" every day.  She's a little off her rocker as far as doctrine goes, she doesnt even believe in the king james bible, yet she thinks that Nephi is a reincarnated Moses.  I will send a picture of her.  Barb's mother who she lives with calls us "Morons" cuz she thinks its funny.  We just laugh at her because she's like 80 and she honestly believes she's a prophetess.  Crazy people, but I love them. 

 Lynda has been cutting back on her smoking!!  She still wants to be baptized and she has decided that we are the church she wants to go to!  Its such a wonderful feeling when someone finally understands all the truths we teach them.  Dan has been cutting back too and he's doing well.  We had a sisters meeting last monday, too, that was really fun.  I got to see sister Despain before she left.  There's only about 25 sisters here in the mission. 
 One last story.  Zina told us a few weeks back one of her stories from her crazy past and I want to share it because we were all crying it was so funny.  When Zina was doing drugs, she decided to try crack for the first time.  She sniffed it all and rubbed the remainder of it all over her gums to get high.  Then, she had so much energy that she ran for miles in the middle of the night without stopping.  She climbed up a scoreboard at the stadium and was sitting at the top when the police arrested her.  The nicknamed her Scoreboard.  A few weeks later she was eating an apple when her two front teeth simply fell out. So she took the two teeth and SUPERGLUED them back into her head.  Needless to say that didnt last long.  Come to find out, superglue destroys your gums so the gums wont hold the teeth anymore!  While she went shopping at the grocery store, they fell out again randomly and she was on her hands and knees looking for them on the ground of the store.  They had to escort her out because they thought she was high.  She just kept saying "NO!  my teeth!!  I have to find my teeth!  They're here somewhere!"  The dentist had to scrape off the superglue and give her a retainer with two fake front teeth in it.  So thats what she wears now.  Ohhh drugs.  Dont do drugs, kids. 

Sister Teerime can now effectively cross just one of her eyes.  That is all.

Love you all! 

Sister Wilson

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