Monday, May 14, 2012

half way

What a WEEK!!!  I have way too much to say.  I'm sure I'll forget something.  First off, on Thursday, I got pregnant!

 Yay for a happy 9 month mark!!  The baby bump doesnt look too real, I know, but thats because it consists of a blanket and a popcorn bowl.  It was fun to celebrate my half-way mark and I am excited for the other half of my mission to start!

  Later that day, ALL FOUR of our appointments cancelled.  And then dinner cancelled on us, too, so we went to see a less active of the Deaf branch.  Get this.
  Her name is Stormaliza Beautyspella Powmacwizalord.  No, she wasnt given that name at birth.  She sleeps with a giant iguana.  She likes storms, not sure what beautyspella is for, pow is for power, mac is for magic, wiz is for wisdom, and lord is because she loves the Lord.  She was really sweet but we're pretty sure she's slightly to moderately crazy.  
On Saturday, our ward had a kite-flying activity (that, I admit, Ive been looking forward to since we planned it in January)!  We met some nonmembers there who were friends of some members so that was good.  Sister Despain and I didn't want to buy the cheap $1 kites so we took it "up a notch" and bought $5 kites.  They were harder to keep in the air, but we had a lot of fun.  We won the "ground hog kite" award because our kites would just dive bomb straight down after 10 seconds of air.  We all had a lot of wind, so the Lord answered our prayers for it and the activity was great!  

Our branch interpreter, Mark Crosley, moved his records back to the hearing ward where he lives so all of the interpreting falls to....yours truly.  Sister Despain cant hear well enough to interpret clearly, so my Sundays are slightly more stressful but I'll be alright.  You know what I love about the Deaf people here?  They're so childlike.  not childISH, but childLIKE.  Just like Jesus said we all should be.  Innocent, Meek, Humble, Submissive.  I love it so much.  They're so easy to teach and they havent been tarnished by the worldly grime of anti-mormon literature or other religious battles.  They are just so simply trying to be good people.  Trisha came to church again on Sunday and she is so overwhelmed by the holy ghost that she just grins from ear to ear during the 3 hours.  She loves it, and I am so happy.  We are basically going to teach her the discussions during the gospel principals class we teach and hope one day she'll be baptized.  Kelly is finally coming to church next week and Heavenly Father answered my prayers for her to have a bad experience at that other Deaf church she tried.  I am sure she will LOVE ours and the wonderful spirit there.  I can't wait.  

Ashlee is still trying so hard to quit smoking.  I love her dearly.  One day she will be baptized, that was Sister William's dying request when she flew home.  


*I bought Connect-4 at Goodwill the other day for 50 cents.  Totally worth it.  We play on Mondays and at lunch time.  Ive won 25 of 27 games total.    

*I may be developing some slight pollen allergies.  I guess Sacramento is the worst possible place in the WORLD to be if you have allergies.  Lucky for me, I've never had allergies before and I don't think I will have them when I go home, but I wake up sometimes with a sore throat and the small sniffles.  No biggie, just annoying.  great.  

*The senior missionary in charge of bills called us the other day.  He asked us if we had a FAX machine.  (The zone leaders all have fax machines)  We said no.  He was kind of upset (not at us, just the situation) because he'd been paying $60 a month for us to have a fax machine, so he cut off the service.  Come to find out, it was actually the line that fed our Video Relay System (VRS) to web-cam chat with Deaf people.  Oops.  He's working on getting it back for us.  We use that VRS all the time when Deaf people don't have phones.  haha.  

*The back: the back is still up and running.  It doesn't really stop my work at all, it just gets sore sometimes.  Pene, a woman in my ward, offered to give me a free massage therapy treatment every week after the chiropractor and she says that will really help the muscles keep my bones in place better.  It should double my recovery.  I am going to start this Wednesday so I'll see if it helps.  Going the whole Marshallese transfer without treatment was a bad idea.  I'm just lucky that the mission nurse is letting all of this slide under the table.  (dont tell anyone!)  

I cant wait to skype home this Sunday and see all of your faces for Mothers Day!!  

Love you!

 Sister Wilson

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