Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011


hello all!  The mission is alive and well!!!

WE HAD A DEAF BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!!!  YAY!!!  Javier was baptized and he's so full of faith!!   Its wonderful!  I know that he will be so strong for the rest of his life.  Gonzalo and Darlene are still being taught....its really hard (I think I mentioned this before) to get them...or any deaf church because most the time they can't afford the gas.  Thats a big hurdle we must overcome in Deaf work!  But we are expecting miracles here and the Lord blesses us for our service.  I know that He loves all of His children and if those children are willing to obey Him, they will see miracles in their lives.    

For Halloween we arent allowed to go out at night (obviously, that would be a bad time to knock doors...) so our zone is having a movie night to see 17 Miracles.   Which I never had a chance to see before the mission, so I'm quite excited!  The weather has still been soooo amazing.  Mid 70's.  I guess its rare to be so warm for so long.  Its usually raining here by now.  Guess Im just lucky!  I may have to invest in some Walmart Rain boots....

Sister Williams hacked off her hair today.  I mean hacked.  She cut off 7 inches and now has a pixie cut!  Its ADORABLE on her.  Speaking of adorable, Downtown Sacramento is the most charming place I have ever been in my entire life.  I want to live there.  The houses are all these beautiful bright colors and all of them have so much character!  Big bay windows and ginormous trees everywhere.  Its my favorite place to go here on the mission.  

 I think I mentioned this before, but for the month of December the Sacramento mission has a goal of having 101 baptisms!  Its called White Christmas!  So, Sister Williams and I gave the 5th Sunday lesson about member missionary work and how we need to find at least one person to baptize THIS DECEMBER!  Its our gift to the savior.  Souls.  (White Christmas because when you're baptized, you wear white.)  We have such wonderful members down here and our member lessons have increased.  I know there are so many people who are waiting to meet us, but havent had a chance yet!  We will find them, dont you worry!  

 We had zone conference with Elder Yamashita (of the 70) and it was.....AMAZING!  (of course!)  They asked me a whole 4 days in advance to do a special musical number for it and I said yes!  I love every chance I have to sing and invite the spirit!  So I sang "For Me Alone" and we all had a wonderful time.  I am sooo thankful that Heavenly Father gave me the talent of music.  It blesses my life so greatly!!  

I love all of you!  I can feel your prayers working down here, so dont stop them!  :)
Love, Sister Wink

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